Y-Axis Services

Description of Problem

The Sliders travel along the Y Carbon Rods, and are pulled by 2 Y Belts (Left and Right). The Y moves the Extruder Forwards and Backwards.

Causes + Solutions

  • Model slicing

    • Solution: Scaling might be incorrect, try to increase the scale. Also, the cura settings in the M3D software may be to blame.

  • Nozzle height might be too low

    • Solution: First, make sure your print bed is level. Second, increase the bed height offset by 0.1mm and reprint. If you don't know how check if your bed is level or how to increase the bed height offset, please go to the How To Guide: Printbed Calibration page.

  • Print quality settings

  • Overly long X-axis carbon rods.

    • Solution: The x-axis rack length may be too long and limits Y-axis movement. The x-axis rod length can be shortened by simply cutting the tab on the right. Please view the following link for the instructions: How To Guide: Cutting X Rack to length

  • Very slight or very rare skips over long prints.

    • Solution: Let nylon sliders work itself in; spray teflon drylube coating. Also, make sure the external feed path is friction-less and the filament is not tangled. Please view and run the Remote Diagnostic: X and Y Skip Test. If your print head does not meet the front rods during the test, then see the following causes for Y skip and repair your unit as necessary.

  • Carbon rods expanding at the front or rear gantry peg.

    • Solution: Request a replacement x-axis carbon rods from technical support. Please include a picture in your request email.

We hope these instructions prove useful. Please contact technical support here if you have any other questions. If you are not up to replacing items yourself, you can send it in for repair. Please view our Return for Repair (RMA) Policy for more information.

Y-Skip Example Image (As of 6/2/2015)

  • Software Package: 2015-05-28-V1.2

  • Model: Nut

  • Print Quality: High

  • Fill Density: Low

  • Print Features: Raft on; Wave Bonding on

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