How To Guide: Cutting X Rack to length

Problem: Y Stalling/ Skipping

In the factory we cut the ends of the X Rack, which is the toothed rod the print head moves on. You may be experiencing Y Stalling/ Skipping if the ends of your X Rack are not cut. Here are some simple steps to fix the problem:

  1. One side of the X Rods will be glued to the sliders, one side will not. Hold the slider in one hand, and the X Rack in the other.

  2. While holding the slider and X Rack, gently pull apart from each other. Please be careful as to not bend the Z Rods, only a small gap is needed.

  3. Rotate the slider so the pegs point upwards. The X Axis is now free from the sliders.

  4. Trim piece of plastic sticking out from X Rack. Use wire cutters or diagonal cutters for a clean cut.

  5. Reinstall X Axis in reverse order.

We hope these instructions prove useful. Please reply if you have any trouble with this process or any other questions you may have.

All the best,

M3D Team

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