How to dim front LED light on Micro
Dimming front LED light
If you would like to dim the front LED of your Micro printer, you can send a simple gcode through the spooler to do so. This process does not work for a Micro+ however this feature will be added in a future release of our software for Micro+ printers.
The procedure
    With printer on and connected, click the gear in the upper right hand corner to access settings
    Navigate to the advanced settings tab and click the checkbox labeled "Expert Mode" to open the Spooler
    Find the manual insert gcode text field
    Enter gcode: M420 t125 for half the LED strength
Note: You can change the strength of the LED by changing the t value between 0 - 255. For example, 0 = LED OFF, 255 = LED ON, 125 = LED HALF ON. Adjust LED with the t value that works for you.
Last modified 3yr ago
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