Removing 3D printed objects

Are you frustrated with prints not coming off of the raft? So are we! Below, we have presented different options to be able to help you remove prints.

Option 1: Scrape prints off of the print surface

Various scraper tools can be used to wedge underneath prints and pry prints off. To remove the print, wedge the scraper underneath the printed object to cut the bond between the plastic and the print surface.

Option 2: Peeling the buildtak adhesive sheet

Remove the print bed from the printer to peel off of the print surface. First, peel the buildtak adhesive print surface off of the print bed to pop off a corner of the 3D print. Then slide your finger underneath the 3D print to pry it off of the buildtak. Finally, reapply the buildtak sheet to the print bed and firmly press the sheet on each corner to help it bond. Here is an example video peeling the buildtak to pop a print off the print bed.

Option 3: Bending the print bed

You can watch an almost silent video example of removing a print off the print bed. As the print bed bends, the print bond will crack off the buildtak surface. Next, you can either pull the print off by hand or scrape it off the buildtak print surface. Here is another example of bending the print bed and then scraping the print off.

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