Serial Number Reset

Serial Number Reset Procedure

Please download and unzip the following file:

1. Select the bin folder, then select AllSystemsforBaseStation.application.

2. Select Micro+ at the top and select "M board is being recycled".

3. Plug USB and power cords into the PCB. The system will beep when it connects to the PCB.

4. Enter the 16 digit serial number from the white sticker inside the base of the printer into the "New SN (serial number) field. Note: You must use the recognizable serial number for the system to accept the number. Include the first two capitilized letters.

5. Select the "Burn Serial" button. The system will state....Serial number being pushed now.

6. Unplug the power cord ONLY, system will state " Waiting for printer to connect" in capital black letters.

7. Plug the power cord back in and system will state " Please unplug the printer now" in green letters.

8. Unplug power cord first, and then the USB cord. System will state "Process completed for printer". The PCB now has a new serial number and is ready to use.

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