Retrieve internal filament tubing

Please use the following steps to retrieve the internal filament tube from underneath the fluff.

Prepare printer

  1. The printer will then move the print head up and away from the print bed

  2. Now there is enough room to access the portion of the printer that will need to be worked on

  3. Unplug printer for next steps

Retrieve internal filament tubing

  1. Remove printbed from printer to expose the four screws

  2. Remove the four screws underneath the printbed

  3. With a small prying tool, slowly work around the internal circle to lift up the piece the screws were holding down NOTE: When attempting to fully pull up the piece held down by screws, please hold down the top portion of the printer so it does not get pulled up by the lower piece.

  4. Once it's loose it can be lifted up along the threaded rods Note: Continue to be careful that the top portion of the lid does not slide up

  5. Locate the internal filament tubing and place it back into position. To prevent the internal tube from slipping back under the fluff again, add about 3-4 turns of black vinyl tape around the internal port tube, just behind the visible portion of the fluff.

  6. Slide the printer piece (fluff) back down into place while making sure internal filament tubing is still in place and the end is exposed inside the internal filament spool area.

  7. Replace the four screws and tighten

  8. Internal filament tubing is now ready to be used again

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