X-Axis Services

Description of Problem

The X Housing is how the extruder moves along the X axis (or left to right). There is a Rack and Rack Gear system that enables this movement. The Rack Gear is located inside the Extruder, and is part of the Housing X System. The Rack and X Carbon Rod slide into the Housing X System in the Extruder. They are supported on either side by the Sliders.

Causes + Solutions

  • Back X-rod is slightly oblong

  • Inconsistent glue thickness along the rack - We apologize if the rack was not properly assembled for you.

    • Solution: Apply a small amount of loctite super glue to the flat back of the rack. Firmly press the rack against the carbon rod and allow the glue to settle. You could use a clamp to ensure the glue forms a solid bond between the rack and carbon rod. Warning: if you use too much glue, the excess will splurge up towards the extruder head and potentially cause it to skip on the x-axis during print jobs.

  • Print head does not move left to right at all - If the X-skip test is performed and the print head has not moved left or right, this means the x-axis gear slid off of the x-axis motor shaft. (As shown in image below)

    • Solution: It’s very simple to push this back on, but you will need to push it up the motor shaft like the 2nd picture. Orient the gear properly so it slides up the flattened shaft a little bit. > Get a flat head screwdriver. > Place the flat head screwdriver between the carbon rods and gear. > Usethe flat head to push the gear up all the way up on the shaft. > The black gear should be flush with the black plastic housing for the x-axis motor. > Run the X Skip test to confirm the printer no longer has skipping issues as it moves along the X-axis. Refer to Remote Diagnostic: X and Y Skip Test.

  • Replace X-rod and Rack - Please view the How To Guide: X-Rod and Rack Replacement article for more information.

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