Micro 3D Printer Unboxing Guide

Congratulations On Receiving your New Micro!

Please watch the Unboxing Youtube Video for a quick overview of the process.

The Gantry Clips (also known as front gantry protectors) are printed with each Micro to determine printing performance and print quality. Then these gantry clips are then used to protect the carbon rods during shipment.

Common Questions & Solutions

  • Gantry Clips Not Removed - Prior to using the Micro 3D printer for the first time, the package contains small white flags that say, "Remove Clips!" as seen below in the first image. If these clips are not removed before printing, this will invalidate the bed height (z-height) and can burn a hole in your plastic base while printing.

    • Solution: "Recalibrate Bed Location" before printing.

  • Broken Carbon Rods - During shipment, the rods have broken.

    • Solution: See worst case scenario below.

  • Missing Items - Shipping department error.

  • Incorrect Items - Shipping department error.

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