Remote Diagnostic: X and Y Skip Test

The purpose of this test is to diagnose your printer's X-axis and Y-axis movement. This test will run the gantry system along the x-axis or y-axis to ensure it moves from end to end without skipping.

Please upgrade to the latest software package, to run the following X and Y Skip diagnostic tests. Software Version 2015-03-24-9.4 is used as an example in this article.

  1. Please go to Expert mode on the Advanced page in the Settings menu.

  2. After selecting the Expert Mode checkbox, the M3D Print Spooler window will open. Please select the Diagnostics tab that is located on the top of the printer options.

  3. After selecting the Diagnostics tab, you have the option to perform a number of tests to diagnose X-axis and Y-axis movements.

    1. The Skip tests will step every 1 second along the X or Y axis, depending on which button you click.

    2. The Speed tests will quickly move the print head along the X or Y axis.

    3. During the skip tests, please watch and listen closely to see if the printer skips. You will see and possibly hear a slight stall/skip while the print head travels during the test.

We hope these instructions prove useful. Please reply if you have any trouble with this process or any other questions you may have.

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