How To Guide: X-Rod and Rack Replacement

Here are some simple steps to replaced a damaged X-Rod and Rack:

  1. To remove the damaged rods, carefully wiggle and twist the side that is glued to break the glue bond without applying too much force that will break the pegs on the slider

    Note: Remember which side the x-rack is located for next steps of replacing rods

  2. Replace the rods on the pegs in their correct locations with the print head installed.

  3. With the extruder in the MIDDLE of the X-rods, rotate the rear X-rod to the tightest position. This will reduce the amount that the extruder wobbles. Note: Sometimes you will have a rod that does not get tighter as you rotate it. That is ok, just move onto the next step.

  4. Push inwards on the sliders to make sure the rack is pressed into the sliders.

  5. While still pushing the sliders together, push the rear X-rod all the way to the RIGHT side. This ensures that if the rod is short and there is a gap on one side, the gap is next to the LEFT slider.

  6. Flip the printer over and lightly glue the rack and rod to the left slider from the bottom.

  7. Once glue is set, you are ready to print again!

We hope these instructions prove useful. Please reply if you have any trouble with this process or any other questions you may have.

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