How To Guide: Getting Stuck Filament Out Of Print Head

If your filament gets stuck within the print head while trying to remove filament, use this guide to get it unstuck. Start by having the printer turned on and software open.

  1. Open the Spooler window by clicking the Expert check box

  2. Click the Heat to PLA Temp button and wait for printer to get to temp

  3. Once at temp, enter 100 into the text field in between the up and down E arrow and then click the down button. This will extrude filament and prime the filament in order to remove it.

  4. Now change the value to 100 and click the up arrow. This will retract the filament and you will gently pull on the filament until it is free from the print head.

  5. If it doesn't come free, try clicking the up arrow one more time.

  6. If it comes free, click the heater off button and you can close the Spooler window and operate your printer like normal.